Ticket Master Founder Blasts TicketMaster (Computicket) Model

Ex-Ticketmaster CEO Denounces “Middle Man” Model

Republished from Ticket Biscuit Blog

October 11, 2010 in best practices, Commentary, ticketing news | by jgale

In a Wall Street Journal article out today, former Ticketmaster CEO, Fred Rosen, denounces the Ticketmaster model that he essentially created in the 1980s and ’90s. Says Rosen, “The middle-man model is dead.” Rosen’s new venture, according to the Journal, is different because “…instead of listing and selling tickets for thousands of events on a single, centralized website, the new company plans to offer a so-called white-label service that will enable clients … to sell tickets to consumers directly from their own websites.” What a concept! Not to toot our own horn, but this is the model TicketBiscuit has espoused since we opened the doors in 2001.

Back before Google, Facebook, Songkick, Eventful, and the other myriad services and websites that help fans find events, Ticketmaster arguably provided a valuable service in aggregating events on one website. But now, that “service” does more to hijack event owners’ website traffic than it does to provide exposure for those events.

I often hear Ticketmaster clients claim that “people just know to go to Ticketmaster.” I disagree. They know to go to Google; they know to go to Facebook; and they subscribe to services like Songkick which notify them of events they’re interested in. This new paradigm frees event owners from having to get the word out about their events (let your customers do that for you) and lets them instead focus on building brand loyalty and establishing direct communication with customers.

The live entertainment biz is changing – for the better if you ask me. As the combined Ticketmaster and LiveNation struggle to maintain their outdated business model, event owners would do well to sidestep the “middle man.” Those who do not may find their life rafts getting pulled under by that massive sinking ship to which they are tethered.


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